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CodeBEAM Europe, Stockholm 2022

· One min read
Marcel Lanz

We're excited to be selected for one of the main talks at the CodeBEAM Europe conference in Stockholm in May 2022 CodeBEAM Europe.


Serverless runtimes are often hidden in cloud providers offering and exposed solely by their programming API and deployment procedures. In this talk, we'll explore an open-source Serverless runtime built for the cloud and on-premises, running on the BEAM with a polyglot programming model to build general-purpose applications.

In this talk, we'll present how the BEAM and OTP are an ideal fit to build a Serverless runtime. After an introduction about Serverless and a polyglot programming model, we'll present the open-source project at where we implemented the core of our runtime based on Erlang/OTP and written in Elixir.


Slides: Slideshare , Google Slides